General Enrollment Regulations

Application Guide

Courses Offered

Name of CoursesMonths of AdmissionHoursEnrollment TimeResults
2 Years College
Preparatory Course
41600Aug. to late Oct. of the
previous year
Late Feb.
1 Year and 9 Months College
Preparatory Course
71400Dec. to late Feb. of the previous yearLate May
1.5 Years College
Preparatory Course
101200Feb. to late Apr. of the
current year
Late Aug.


Requirements for Admission

  • Completing 12 years of formal school education in own country,
    or having accepted the equivalent education.
  • Having a clear purpose of study.
  • Japanese Language Aptitude Test Level 4 or equivalent level.
    (having studied Japanese for more than 200 hours.)
    →Please refer to each HP for details of test (Japanese Language Aptitude TestJ.test


Application Procedures

Please prepare all necessary materials and deliver by hand or send them by post to the following address. 
The applicant oneself or own agent can go through the procedures.

AddressTogen Bldg.5-23-7 Hirai, Edogawa-ku,Tokyo Japan 132-0035
Tel03-5631-5601 (in Japan)
81-3-5631-5601 (Foreign country)
Fax03-5631-5602 (in Japan)
81-3-5631-5602 (Foreign country)



Admission Procedure

Applicant (Agent) Submits Application.

Matriculated by the College after Review

Prepare Application Materials / Pay Selection Fee.
(Refer to detailed explanation of the college for how to go through procedure, etc. )

The college submits the materials to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau
〔Review of Eligibility for a Status of Residence〕

Notice on Result
(at late Feb. for students applying for admission in April, late May for students applying for admission in July, late Aug. for students applying for admission in Oct.)

Pay admission fee, course fee, etc.

The college issues the authorization of resident eligibility , letter of guarantee, invoice of tuition fee.

Applicant brings the said materials to apply for visa with the Japanese embassy (consulate) at own place of residence.

Preparation for Studying in Japan

Going to Japan


Submit Materials

Tuition Fee

People do not need to pay the teaching material fee at present.
The remaining tuition fee can be returned to the dropouts.

Handling Charge (payable upon application)20,000 Yens
Admission Fee (payable upon admission)30,000 Yens
facility maintenance fees20,000 Yens
material fee30,000 Yens
Course Fee (1 Year)600,000 Yens
Total700,000 Yens



For admission or information,
please send an e-mail containing the following content to ⇒

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Highest Educational Level (Year and Month of Admission, Year and Month of Graduation)
  • Birth Place
  • Present Domicile
  • Contact Information (Tel., E-mail, etc.)
  • Expected Admission Time (Year and Month)
  • Consultation Content

Materials Required for Application

(Application from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries or regions)


Applicant’s Materials

  • Application Form for Admission
    (Use special application form of the college,
    which is to be completed by the applicant him/herself)
  • Curriculum Vitae
    (Use special application form of the college,
    which is to be completed by the applicant him/herself)
  • Statement of Reason for Study
    (Use special application form of the college,
    which is to be completed by the applicant him/herself)
  • Diploma
    a) original of diploma or graduation certificate with the highest educational level
    ※The student who has not graduated provides the Certificate of Schooling issued 
    by his/her school
    b) The student who expects to graduate provides the Certificate of Expected Completion issued by his/her school.
  • ID Photo (8 photos taken within the last 3 months, 3cm x 4cm)
  • Copy of Passport (If available)


Materials of Financial Guarantor

  • Payment Form
    (Use special form of the college;
    the financial guarantor completes and affixes a seal on the form)
  • Certificate of employment
    (issued by the company where the financial guarantor works)
  • Tax Payment Certificate
  • Bank Deposit Balance Certificate
    (issued by the bank in the name of the financial guarantor)
  • Copy of household register
    (only applicable to the Korean)